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shanghai putuo court issued typical cases to show its efforts in servingguaranteeing regional legal business environment

On December 20, 2019, Shanghai Putuo District People's Court ("Shanghai Putuo Court") held a press conference, at which Jiang Shan, Vice President of Shanghai Putuo Court, reported how the court had helped optimize the regional legal business environment by providing judicial services and guarantees. Typical cases were released.  

According to the press conference, Shanghai Putuo Court fully performed its judicial functions, formulated a three-year plan for serving and guaranteeing the development of regional legal business environment, and thoroughly implemented, on the basis of serving and guaranteeing the regional legal business environment, the decisions and deployments under Shanghai Higher People's Court's Implementation Plan of Further Promoting the Construction of Regional Legal Business Environment and Putuo District's Plan for Further Optimizing Business Environment Reform by making judicial guarantees more effective, dispute resolution more diversified and litigation services more convenient. In the future, the court will continue to improve its working mechanism, work on special researches, and focus on key projects, so as to ensure that it can provide services and guarantees in an orderly manner; conduct field research, meet judicial needs, and make its services and guarantees more accurate; strengthen mechanism construction, conduct professional trial, and make its services and guarantees more professional. It will strive to increase its capacity, protect property rights by referencing the highest standards, thereby reassuring the entrepreneurs; reference the World Bank's "enforcing contract" indexes to improve the efficiency of trial enforcement; increase the penalties for infringement of intellectual property rights to level the playing field; improve the mechanism of identifying bankrupt enterprises and stimulate market vitality; increase enforcement and provide strong judicial guarantee to optimize the business environment. It will strive to increase its level, help with the transformation and development of the jurisdiction by extending its judicial functions; make judicial advice and suggestions to help purify the market environment; continue to dig into the cases and use them to guide market subjects to engage in standard operation. It will strive to make more achievements, thus making new contributions to optimizing the regional legal business environment.

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