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How Can A Resident Living Abroad Institute an Appeal against A Civil Ruling Made at Home within Time Limit?

In the event that a resident, who has no dwelling within our territory, would like to challenge the first-instance civil ruling made by local people¡¯s courts at various levels, such resident may institute an appeal within 30 days from the date when the ruling document is served to the resident.

In the event such resident is not able to institute an appeal within the aforesaid 30 days, he/she may apply for extension to the court while the court will decide to approve such extension or not.

Mini Case Study:  A Chinese American named Tang, who settled abroad throughout the year, lodged a lawsuit to a court in the city against his younger brother and sister at home due to the dispute arising from inheritance. The court made ruling after handling the case by law. However, Tang¡¯s brother and sister rushed to apply for the execution to the court after the ruling was just made no more than half month. The court rejected such application in accordance with law and advised them the ruling had not taken effect given that Tang, who had no dwelling within our territory, were entitled to 30 days to file an appeal as prescribed by law.

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